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what is Tennessee like i mean i live in New Jersey, is it totally different or not that much. Is it a better place then New Jersey or would you prefer the northern area more like NJ, Penn, NY, and states like that


Answer: Funny you should ask, I just got home from Knoxville Tennessee last week. I live in Maryland. The mountains are much different than ours. It makes me realize that what I call mountains are nothing but big hills. I’ve been there several times (different parts) and always felt the sky was so different and didn’t know why til this last visit. It’s like you’re closer to the sky. It’s really beautiful land. Worth the trip. It takes me 8 and a half hours to get to Knoxville.

I’m organising a trip to the US this summer and have plans for every state but Alaska and i really want to visit them all, what is there to do????

Answer: You can take a train down to Seward and check out the Sealife center, go on the Kenai Fjords and see some puffins, sea lions, whales, up close and personal. Go check out the glaciers or Denali… really, depending on when you’ll be up here and where you’re staying will determine what we have going on really. Check out ADN.com or TravelAlaska.com I hope you enjoy your stay!

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  1. Looseygoosey
    January 26, 2011 at 12:49 pm

    I love Tennessee! The mountains are breath taking. My hubby and I used to go there on our honda goldwing, and it is a great state to have alot of fun in. And yes, the sky is much closer to you there.

  2. LAC:A
    January 26, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    I love Tennessee I live there u should love it

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