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What are some retail stores that require a paper application?

What are some retail stores that require a paper application?
I have applied to over 20 stores online and I do not seem to get anywhere. I’m unemployed straight of college and just want a simple retail job. I figure that maybe the trick to getting this job is to apply in person that way I can get the manager’s attention. What are some retail stores that still accept paper applications or are exclusively paper applications only. Thanks in advance.

Answer: i had the same problem and it definitely is better to apply with a paper application because the management team already gets a feeling for you when you walk in. not many places really accept paper applications anymore but some that do are:
american eagle
forever 21

How will retail stores do business in the future? In the Swiss town of Regensdorf, SAP Research, together with partners, is testing the supermarket of the future. RFID technology and SAP know-how make it happen.
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    January 28, 2011 at 2:51 pm

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