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In Pennsylvania, what is the difference between a Mechanics LIen and an Enforcemnt of a Civil Judgement?

In Pennsylvania, what is the difference between a Mechanics LIen and an Enforcemnt of a Civil Judgement?
I had this incompetant Auto repair shop, Bob’s Autotorium in Whitaker Pennsylvania, put a new motor in my Dodge Ram. Overpriced, damage to the vehicle and horrible job.. There was a remaining $ 300.00 on an ending amount of $ 3,500 which was only to be $ 2,100 in the beginning. Even though the District Magistrate entered a judgmnt for the amount of $ 300.00 plus court costs, I REFUSE TO PAY IT. So, upon doing research as to what rights they have for the enforcement of the Judgement, there is a mechanics lien and a PA Code that relates to the enforcemnt of Judgements which would include a lien or possible sale of property.. Which is it folks? Pennsylvania law is notoriuous for writing contradictory laws, so this is par for the course. Any suggestions folks?

Answer: a leins put in place for the sale of property,if sold it has to be paid…..but not to force the sale of property…..

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  1. MLaw
    January 26, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    There is nothing contradictory. The two concepts relate to two different things. A “mechanic’s lien” is a claim against property by someone who was contracted to improve or repair that property. In most states a mechanic’s lien against a vehicle allows a mechanic to retain possession of the vehicle until the bill is paid. There are other laws that allow a judgment creditor to enforce collection of his judgment by seizure of property and and its sale by the sheriff or other court officer. The judgment creditor is said to have a judgment lien against the debtor’s property until the judgment is satisfied. So, a mechanics lien is against an individual property improved by the mechanic; a judgment lien is against all propoerty of a debtor and is enforced by seizure and sale.

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