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How do real estate agent commissions work when buying in a new development?

How do real estate agent commissions work when buying in a new development?
I heard that if you visit a sales office, you should put your agent’s name down, not yours, otherwise the agent cannot get their commissions. Is that true? Can I use that as a bargaining tool with the developer if I don’t use a buying agent? Or if I do use an agent, can I negotiate some sort of rebate from the agent since I have basically located the property on my own?

Answer: You sound very confident that you can negotiate on your own behalf. I say GO FOR IT! Most people don’t have the knowledge, skills or ability to negotiate on their own, that’s why they use agents.

Red Adair said: “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

FYI, Buyers do not pay commissions, Sellers do. You can be sure if anyone is going to “save” that commission, it won’t be the buyer….it will be the seller, or in this case the developer.

The paid staff at the model homes are probably not on a full commission, but a salary, to keep builder expenses down.
Some developers only pay 1/4 percent to buyers’ agents anyway, so how much do you think you would rally save?

If you want a company that routinely rebates some of their hard earned commissions to the buyers, call Zip Realty.
You don’t sound like a very “loyal” buyer to me. If you are not working with an agent, then you won’t be utilizing the help of a Professional. If you are, then you owe them the respect for what they do, to get paid for those services.

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