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Texas – ——–?

Texas – ——–?
Will businesses in Texas survive if Hillary gets her immigration plan passed? She proposes large fines against the employers while giving amnesty to the illegals. Why would she prosecute the U.S. citizen to a far greater extent than the illegal alien? She would put many small businesses out of business while increasing the number of unemployed and illegal aliens. The illegal alien pays a small fine, gets amnesty and under her health plan, will also get free health care! This is what 30% of America wants to represent our country? Her 16 years in and around Washington has been with the worst government in U S History. This is the experience she claims; it is easy to see why our economy and quality of life continues to deteriorate!

Answer: Illegal aliens are encouraged to come into the United States to get jobs they can not get in their own country. They are enticed by the availability of jobs and other benefits they do not get in their own country. The Employer is required to obtain a record from every employee showing they have a legal rite to work in the United States. If the employer does not get and keep a copy of the report they violate the law and are subject to punishment. AND, the illegal is also in violation of the law from the minute they cross into the United States illegally and every minute they spend here. The United States is no different than any other country; we have laws that govern entry into the country. Both the employer and the illegal alien need to be punished. A big fine against the employer with only a slap on the wrist then amnesty for the illegal is not the rite thing to do; as a matter of fact that too would be a violation of federal law.

Watch the official video to Say What You Want by Texas

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