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Wyoming Principal Gets Pranked

January 30, 2011 25 comments

READ DESCRIPTION!! – – This was a senior prank that took a lot of time and effort. Some kids at the school found a car identical to the principals and decided to bash it up and wrap it around a pole in front of the school, they even got his license plates. As they were unloading the car, the resource officer was talking to the principal about some kid getting in a fight. The kid who got in trouble was in on the whole thing and wasn’t cooperating so the principal ended giving the kid 3 days out of school suspension. By the time that was over, the car was unloaded and placed, while 2 other cops were also present at the scene and radioed the resource officer saying there was a car with plates that matched the principal’s. One drove down to the lower lot, sayin he was chasing the kids who were in the car, while the other was inspecting the car. When the bell rung, all the students were headed to the auditorium, where the principal was gonna be in charge of the talent show. Listen carefully and to make the whole prank better, it was played at the assembly 10 minutes later where the principal finally realized he’d been pranked. HAHA, Right on Class of 08′!!
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